• Plant Safety
  • Controlled Release
  • Microbial Breakdown
  • Excellent Performance
  • Labor Savings
  • Cost Effectiveness

General Purpose 14-14-14 (4-Months)

General Purpose is a controlled slow release fertilizer designed to help produce larger, greener, healthier plants.  General Purpose supplies the required amount of the necessary phosphate and potassium for up to 120 days.

Micro Pac

Micro Pac is specifically designed to be incorporated with your grower mix providing essential micronutrients.

Starter-Finisher 12-5-9

Starter-Finisher gives you the quick start you are looking for in new plantings without the fear of burning the tender plant.  It is also great for finishing out those plants that you are getting ready to send to market.

Top Dress/Premix 21-6-11 (4-5 Month)

Top Dress/Premix will feed for up to 150 days as a top dress and 120 days as a premix. Top Dress/Premix is ideal for slow balanced feeding of most plants under controlled conditions. Not recommended for use in bedding plant production.